Europe Vows to Keep Fighting Trump on Trade

The global battle over trade is already under way, threatening to impair growth.

Stakes Rise for Merkel as EU Remains Divided on Migration Burden

A potential failure to stem the flows of asylum-seekers into Germany raises the possibility of a mutiny by Merkel’s Bavarian coalition partners.


Nisha Gopalan

Losing China Has Taken Wind Out of Xiaomi's IPO Sails

Would-be investors will have some misgivings now CDRs aren’t on the table.

Christopher Balding

Why China Can’t Fix Its Housing Bubble

The government has hatched another misguided response to sky-high prices.

The Editors

The ERA Is Still Worth Supporting

A guarantee of equal rights regardless of sex belongs in the Constitution.

Albert R. Hunt

It’s Not Your Minnesota Uncle’s Political Season

Division and chaos prevail in a state that’s produced some of the most constructive U.S. politicians.

Noah Feldman

A Power Grab of Sorts, Buried in a Supreme Court Decision

Kennedy calls for overturning a precedent that allows agencies to interpret laws, instead of judges.

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