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Congress Votes to End Shutdown, Sending Spending Bill to Trump
U.S. Spending Deal May Threaten Intelligence Spending Oversight
Trump Re-Starts Immigration Talks After Senate Ends Shutdown
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World Inequality Grows Amid Glut of New Billionaires, Oxfam Says
Now Comes the Fight Over Europe’s Future
Dictator's Legacy Looms Large in Africa's Smallest Nation
Davos Warns Not to Get Too Complacent While World Economy Picks Up
Brookings Institute's Galston Calls Govt. Shutdown 'No Accident'
Budget Battle Reflects How Trump Ran His Businesses
Senate Moves to End Shutdown Showdown
Lanhee Chen Sees High Probability of Another Gov't Shutdown
Pence Says U.S. Embassy to Move to Jerusalem in 2019

How Facebook’s Political Unit Enables the Dark Art of Digital Propaganda

Some of unit’s clients stifle opposition, stoke extremism.