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The Glamorous Life of a Pro Gamer

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The Glamorous and Tumultuous Life of a Professional Gamer

At age 20, professional gamer Michael Schmale had it all: a steady salary, a team mansion overlooking Hollywood and a chef, personal trainer, coach and team manager who were all there to help him play at his best. But the job came with plenty of uncertainties too. This is the first episode of "Next Jobs", a new series about careers of the future hosted by Bloomberg Technology's Aki Ito. (video by David Nicholson and Victoria Blackburne-Daniell) (Source: Bloomberg)

The Bright Future for Batteries

Nico Rosberg's Road to Investing

BlackBerry Has Been Saved, CEO John Chen Says






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Government Phone Tracking Scares Justice Roberts, Too

A surprising majority on the Supreme Court rules that you have a reasonable expectation of privacy as you travel about your day.

Technology & Ideas

Warning: Alcohol Studies May Impair Judgment

NIH researchers who can’t walk the ethical line, chickens taking over the earth, and other dispatches about science in the news.

Technology & Ideas

Save the Planet. Get Carbon Out of the Air.

New technology can pull greenhouse gas from the atmosphere. It won’t be cheap. 

Technology & Ideas

Video Replay for Refs Is Making the World Cup Better

Players avoid making and feigning fouls, and focus instead on their performance.


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