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Inside the White House's ZTE Deal

The Trump administration has reportedly reached a deal to keep China's second-biggest telecom manufacturer alive. Isaac Stone Fish, Asia Society senior fellow, and Bloomberg's Selina Wang react on "Bloomberg Technology." (Source: Bloomberg)

What the New Era of Data Privacy Laws Means for IBM

Amazon's Alexa Raises Concerns Over Tech and Surveillance

GDPR to Present Challenges to Financial Services Industry






Technology & Ideas

Electric Cars Feel a Little Competition

Powered bicycles are quickly filling the needs of urban commuters, especially in Europe and China.

Technology & Ideas

How Scientists Succumb to Corruption and Cook Results

It starts with a dash of temptation. Stir in some rationalization and deception. The final and key ingredient is: stupid systems with perverse incentives.

Technology & Ideas

Zika’s Silver Lining: Fighting Cancer

The virus may yield a potent weapon against a deadlier disease.

Technology & Ideas

Uber’s Ghost in the Self-Driving Machine

A report into the fatal Arizona crash shows its system was far from genuinely autonomous.


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