Fox Agrees to $71 Billion Bid From Disney in Blow to Comcast
The $38-a-share price is about $10 a share higher than what Disney offered in December -- and $3 above Comcast’s bid from last week

TPG Scolded for ‘Stunning’ Lack of Diversity

Jim Coulter, the billionaire who co-founded the private equity giant, got some tough questions from one of his largest clients.


Noah Smith

Domino's Pizza Fixing Potholes Is an Ominous Sign

Either government is failing, inequality is worsening, or both.

Leonid Bershidsky

Mr. Putin, Seize This Chance to Release Dissidents

The World Cup is the perfect stage for Russia to show it respects human rights.

Chris Hughes

No More Auditors, Please

The problem isn't competition. It's conflict-of-interest.

Gary Shilling

Emerging Markets Have Many Tools, But Few That Are Good

South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, China and Poland are positioned to weather the sell-off. 

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