Mueller Asks Manafort Judge to Immunize Five Witnesses

They may testify at the bank-fraud trial starting next week against Paul Manafort.

U.S. Plans Uranium Import Probe That May Lead to Tariffs

The Trump administration plans to open an investigation into whether uranium imports are harming national security.

Berkshire Lifts Cap on Stock Buybacks

That frees Buffett to repurchase shares under a wider range of valuations, as he contends with how to deploy more than $100 billion of cash.


Mark Gongloff

Trump's Helsinki Walk-Back Doesn't Go Far Enough

There are still questions about his deference to Putin.

Timothy L. O'Brien

Post-Helsinki, Trump Should Release Taxes

They’d show whether business dealings in Russia could give Putin leverage over the president.

Brian Chappatta

Jerome Powell Hints at a Little Trouble With the Curve

An inversion might change the Federal Reserve’s plans for rate hikes.

Stephen L. Carter

What We Think About Supreme Court Hearings Is Wrong

No, the modern era isn’t producing less — or more — forthcoming responses on judicial philosophy.

Virginia Postrel

WeWork’s Meat Ban Tells Us Who They Are

It’s a branding exercise wrapped in environmental responsibility.

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