Mark Gongloff

The Gun Controversy Is Smaller Than You Think

Most Americans, including gun owners, agree on basic regulations.

Joe Nocera

Elaine Wynn, the Ultimate Shareholder Activist

This proxy fight wasn’t about a stock pop. It was to save Wynn Resorts.

Max Nisen

How a Migraine Drug Eases the Headache of High Prices

Amgen and Novartis got it right this time by not charging as much as they could. Their approach could serve as a blueprint for the industry.

Ramesh Ponnuru

The Truth About Trump's 'Animals' Remark

Give him a break on the use of one word. His real offense is blurring the lines on immigrants and crime.

Sarah Halzack

Advice for Campbell’s Next CEO

As demand for packaged food shrinks, deal-making is an easier path than product innovation to reinvigorate the company.

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