Cohen Judge to Hear From Stormy Daniels's Lawyer Next Week

Avenatti says he’s seeking to protect any privileged communications that may have been disclosed to Cohen.


Jonathan Bernstein

President Trump, Master of None

Bluster doesn’t mean influence. Plus, Jonathan Bernstein’s morning links.

Stephen Gandel

Trump Tax Cut Is the Gift That Keeps on Giving

First-quarter results show that corporate America’s savings are better than expected.

Faye Flam

How Scientists Succumb to Corruption and Cook Results

It starts with a dash of temptation. Stir in some rationalization and deception. The final and key ingredient is: stupid systems with perverse incentives.

Tobin Harshaw

China Outspends the U.S. on Defense? Here’s the Math.

Factoring in purchasing power and personnel costs leads to a surprising conclusion.

Barry Ritholtz

10 Best Reads for Summer

Some recommendations for beach or porch.

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