Oprah Winfrey Just Became One of the World's 500 Richest People

The media mogul’s fortune hit a record $4 billion on Monday to make her the first black female entrepreneur on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.


Tyler Cowen

American Families Shouldn't Be Separated, Either

What if more parents, when convicted of crimes, were sentenced to house arrest for the benefit of their children?

Matt Levine

Finally a Good Place to Put Your Bitcoins

Institutional-grade custodianship for crypto might open new doors for investors.

Noah Feldman

Kagan Has a Plan to Revive Gerrymandering Case

The case goes back to the lower courts, where the plaintiffs would be smart to employ her strategy.

Komal Sri-Kumar

History's Not on the Market's Side in a Trade War

The fallacy in interpreting the immediate investor reaction as muted misses the likely secondary and tertiary impact of tariffs.

Jonathan Bernstein

The Media’s Trump Coverage Is All Wrong

Jonathan Bernstein’s morning links.

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