Spotify Plans to Change XXXTentacion Policy After Outcry

Spotify will partially walk back a move to punish musicians for their personal misconduct.

Amazon's Alexa Eavesdropped and Shared the Conversation

A couple’s private conversation was mysteriously recorded by their Amazon Echo.


Jonathan Bernstein

Add North Korea to Trump’s Foreign-Policy Blunders

It’s a good thing Trump canceled a summit with Kim he wasn’t prepared for.

Stephen L. Carter

Let’s Calm Down About the NFL’s Anthem Policy

It’s nothing new (ask the NBA), the protests aren’t effective anymore, and owners have a business to run.

Daniel Moss

Trump Is Barking on Trade, But Not Biting

So far it seems that when he campaigned against globalization, he was bluffing. What a relief!

Mark Buchanan

The Future of Cod Is Grim

The rise and fall of a Canadian province’s cod supplies points to the danger of industrial-scale fishing. 

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