Net Neutrality

"Readers in the 21st century can read the translated statement here"

Verizon wrote a response to the FCC's decision on Internet services in Morse Code

Technology Video

Smashing This Phone Won't Stop It From Working

March 3 -- Almost everyone has cracked the screen of their smartphone at one point. If you're clumsy you've probably dropped several. Japanese company Kyocera is bringing their latest 'ultra-rugged' smartphone to Europe. It's called the Torque and Bloomberg's Senior Editor Nate Lanxon put it through its paces.

The Tech Investor's Guide to Mobile World Congress

March 3 -- Cutting through the hype at the world's biggest event for the mobile tech industry can be a challenge, as hundreds of exhibitors flaunt their wares. Bloomberg caught up with a top tech investor to get his guide to what's hot, and what's not, at Mobile World Congress 2015.

NXP Buys Freescale, Biggest Semiconductor Deal in 9 Years

March 2 -- NXP Semiconductors NV’s shareholders are so enthused by the company’s plans to make its biggest purchase yet, they’re pushing the stock to a bigger gain than the target. Bloomberg’s Ian King reports on today’s “BWest Byte” on “Bloomberg West.”