Net Neutrality

"Readers in the 21st century can read the translated statement here"

Verizon wrote a response to the FCC's decision on Internet services in Morse Code

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Deutsche Telekom's Hoettges Wants Level Playing Field

March 3 -- Deutsche Telekom AG Chief Executive Officer Timotheus Hoettges says he seeks a "level playing field" with companies such as Facebook Inc. and Google Inc., which access data from consumers through their communications services. He spoke in an interview with Bloomberg Television's Caroline Hyde at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Monday.

Smashing This Phone Won't Stop It From Working

March 3 -- Almost everyone has cracked the screen of their smartphone at one point. If you're clumsy you've probably dropped several. Japanese company Kyocera is bringing their latest 'ultra-rugged' smartphone to Europe. It's called the Torque and Bloomberg's Senior Editor Nate Lanxon put it through its paces.

The Tech Investor's Guide to Mobile World Congress

March 3 -- Cutting through the hype at the world's biggest event for the mobile tech industry can be a challenge, as hundreds of exhibitors flaunt their wares. Bloomberg caught up with a top tech investor to get his guide to what's hot, and what's not, at Mobile World Congress 2015.