Google I/O Conference 2015

Google Takes Maps Offline

Going after "the next billion users," the company adds both search and turn-by-turn directions to the much-used app's offline mode

Technology Video

Tech and Science Jobs: Why Foreign-Born Workers Earn More

The U.S. Labor Department released its latest statistics on foreign-born workers who are employed in the science, technology, engineering or math fields. Bloomberg’s Scarlet Fu and Mark Crumpton report on “Bloomberg Markets.” (Source: Bloomberg)

GoPro Eyes the Skies With the Development of a Drone

GoPro CEO Nick Woodman said GoPro was developing a drone for capturing video from the skies and working on a product that will allow video and photo recording for virtual reality. Bloomberg's Cory Johnson reports on “Bloomberg Markets.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Hack the Planet

Everything is connected, and here's why that's a bad thing

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How many of the 100 biggest law firms have had some sort of breach, according to Peter Tyrrell, the chief operating officer of Digital Guardian