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Vietnam CPI All Groups Component YoY 2009=100

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52Wk Range
0.34 - 4.94
Full coverage of CPI includes 61 provinces. Monthly CPI figures only account for 36 of the largest provinces. Prices for missing seasonal items are obtained by extrapolation of the previous month. For historical series, please run {ALLX VNCP<GO>}. Series with base year 2005, 2000 and 1995 respectively are listed. Note that GSO releases figures for the current month prior to the end of the month. Vietnam CPI weightage 2009=100: Food and foodstuff (39.93%), Beverage and Cigarette (4.03%),Garment, Footwear, Hat (7.28%), Housing and Construction materials (10.01%), Household Equipment and Goods (8.65%), Medication & Health (5.61%), Transportation (8.87%), Post and Telecommunications (2.73%), Education (5.72%), Culture, Sport & Entertainment (2.83%) and Other Goods & Services (3.34%).