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Japan All Households Living Expenditure Real YoY Incl Agricult Forestry Fishery

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52Wk Range
-10.6 - 4.8
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-10.60 - 4.80
Data are obtained in four kinds of questionnaires, namely, Household Schedule, Family Account Book, Yearly Income Schedule and Savings Schedule. Enumerators fill in the Household Schedule with the number of household members, occupation and industry of earners, type of the dwelling, etc. Households are requested to fill in the Family Account Books with daily incomes and expenditures. For workers' households and households of the head not working, both incomes and expenditures in cash and in kind are recorded, while for other households cash payment and consumption in kind only. In addition, two-or-more-person households are also requested to fill the Savings Schedule with amounts of savings and liabilities held and plans to purchase houses or land. Family Account Book, Yearly Income Schedule and Savings Schedule are filled by household themselves, and Household Schedule is completed by enumerators through interview. (Japanese only)