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Indonesia Balance of Payments Current Account Balance

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Indonesia BOP covers all resident institutional units, such as domestic firms affiliated with non-resident companies, territorial enclaves (such as a embassy), companies in free trade zones/bonded areas under supervision by Customs, and Indonesians temporarily working abroad. Current Account = Goods Balance + Service Balance + Income Balance + Current Transfer Balance History is stored independently for quarterly and yearly frequencies. HP values for these frequencies may not match each other. Note that when only one frequency is stored in history, for the other frequencies, history is derived from that of the stored frequency. For example, HP W, HP M, HP Q and HP Y will derive data from HP D when only daily history is stored, HP Q and HP Y will derive data from HP M when only monthly history is stored. As another example, if both daily and monthly are stored, HP W will derive data from HP D, while HP Q and HP Y will derive data from HP M and so on.