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France Industrial Production MoM SA

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52Wk Range
-0.9 - 1.4
52Wk Range
-0.90 - 1.40
This index was rebased to 2005=100 in March 2009 Nace rev 2 classifications. For 2000=100 data please see {ALLX FIPH<GO>} French industrial production indices are Laspeyres (constant weighting) indices calculated by INSEE from the surveys issued by the statistical services of the Sessi, Scees & Energy Observation Ministries and other professional organisations. They are monthly, & are seasonally & calendar adjusted. This index was rebased on the 13th January 2003 with a new base year 2000=100. To view Industrial Production data with base year 1995=100 please refer to sector FPIO. *NOTE : This Index was rebased on 21st April 2000 with the new Base Year 1995=100. There is no Actual Release value for 31 August 1999 as Insee released a combined figure for July-August in this year. See {NSN FJZYMR1A1I50<go>}