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US Treasury Federal Budget Debt Summary Deficit Or Surplus NSA

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52Wk Range
-192.327 - 156.714
52Wk Range
-192.33 - 156.71
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Prior figure is from the same month of a year earlier. This item is reported in the monthly Treasury statment of Receipts and Outlays of the US Government. This statement summarizes the financial activities of the Federal Government and off-budget federal entities conducted in accordance with the budget of the US Government, i.e. receipts and outlays of funds, surplus or deficit, and the means of financing the deficit or disposing of the surplus. Information is presented on a modified cash basis: receipts are accounted for on the basis of collections, refunds of receipts are treated as deductions from gross receipts, revolving and management fund receipts, reimbursements refunds of monies previously expended are treaded as deductions from gross outlay, interest on public debt is recognized on the accrual basis. Major sources include accounting data reported by federal entities, disbursing officers, and Federal Reserve banks.