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China Export Trade USD YoY

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52Wk Range
-15.0 - 48.3
52Wk Range
-15.00 - 48.30
The statistics from Customs General Administration of China capture the trade of goods. Data reflect the export on goods of China with other countries or regions. Total Imports and Exports refer to the real value of commodities imported into and exported from the boundary of China, including the actual imports and exports through foreign trade, imported and exported goods under the processing and assembling trades and materials, supplies and gifts as aid given gratis between governments and by the United Nations and other international organizations, and contributions donated by overseas Chinese, compatriots in Hong Kong and Macao and Chinese with foreign citizenship, leasing commodities owned by tenants at the expiration of leasing period, the imported and exported commodities processed with imported materials, commodities trading in border areas (excluding mutual exchange goods), the imported and exported commodities and articles for public use of the Sino-foreign joint ventures, cooperative enterprises and ventures exclusively with foreign own investment, import or export of samples and advertising goods for which CIF or FOB value are beyond the permitted ceiling (excluding goods of no trading or use value and free commodities for export), imported goods sold in China from bonded warehouses and other imported or exported goods. According to the stipulation of China, imports are calculated at CIF, while exports are calculated at FOB.