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Bank Of Japan Unsecured Overnight Call Rate Expected

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**As of 04/04/2013, the BOJ has shifted its monetary policy focus to a targeted monetary base via Japanese government bond (JGB) purchases. Pls refer to: (English) and (Japanese). As a result, there will be no prices updated after April 4, 2013. For the current target, please see {BOJTMB <Index><GO>}. For the Actual result of the Overnight call rate, please see {MUTKCALM Index<GO>}.** Pls refer to {BOJ<GO>} ->10) for the rate on 10/5/10. The rate is displaying the high range value in HP. During the period of 03/19/01 through 03/08/06 there was no formal recomended target rate. During that period, the main operation target changed from the overnight call rate to the outstanding balance of the current accounts. For the account balance, pls see CBRT<GO> select Japan -> BOJ Announcement Dates & BOJ Historical Change Unsecured Overnight Call Rate traded, pls see BOJ<GO> Updated every time BOJ has monetary policy meeting since 03/09/2006. The BOJ introduces regularly scheduled monetary policy meetings and the publication of meeting minutes beginning in 1998. Before 1998 till 1972, the target rate is updated weekly. (English) (Japanese)