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Australia Labor Force Unemployment Rate SA

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5.9 - 6.3
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5.90 - 6.30
Australia Labor Force series. Unemployment exists when people without a job are looking for work but are unable to find employment. Once a month, the ABS conducts a Labor Force Survey in order to monitor the numbers of the employed, the unemployed and those are not in the labour force. The labor force is made up of the civilian population aged 15 years or over who are already working and people who do not have a job but are actively looking for work and are available to start work. The individuals in the labor force who are not employed, but who are actively looking for work and are available to start work, are defined by the ABS as unemployed. Actively looking for work includes writing, telephoning or applying or applying in person to an employer or registering with the Comonwealth Employmnet Service or registering with Centrelink as a jobseeker. However, whether a person is unemployed or not measured by the ABS independently of whether he or she is receiving a Newstart or Youth Training allowance from Centrelink. The unemployment rate is the percentage of the labor force that is unemployed. Individuals who ceae to actively look for work are defined as not in the labor force.