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Australia Trade Balance Goods & Services

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ABS Code 5368.0 This information contains initiatory estimates of Australia's International Trade in Goods and services categorized by countries. The 2 basis for the compilation of the data are namely the Balance of Payments Basis and the Merchandise Import and Export statistics recorded trade basis. Figures are derived from Free on Board (FOB) Values provided. FOB refers to the price of a traded good excluding transport cost such as travel insurance.Tickers on Page 5 ticker number 5 to Page 7 ticker number 10 are from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Note from DFAT: 'Recorded trade exports data are based on information provided by exporters to the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (Customs and Border Protection). At the time of initial reporting to Customs and Border Protection the final prices may not be known for some commodities. New contract prices that have been recently negotiated, or are still being negotiated, for commodities like iron ore and coal may not be fully reflected in the Customs and Border Protection source data. Final prices are updated progressively in recorded trade data as exporters revise the information provided to Customs and Border Protection.' Please see link to 'Commodity Value Adjustment' in the July 5368.0 publication, { ly%202012?opendocument&tabname=Summary&prodno=5368.0&issue=July%202012&num=&view =}