How You Funded Some of the World's Greatest Technologies, Including Fruit Ninja

By Jordan Robertson - 2014-04-01T16:13:22Z

Photograph by Boston Dynamics/dpa/Corbis

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DARPA's Dollars at Work

As if helping to create the Internet wasn't enough, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency also played a leading role in many of today's most popular technologies, including several you've probably used since you woke up this morning.

Of course, the mission of DARPA, the U.S. Defense Department agency that researches new technologies, is to bolster national security, not to add features to your smartphone and assist your coffee habit. But as we saw with Arpanet, which laid the groundwork for the Internet, what starts out as a military-minded technology can later become a commercial hit in the civilian world.  

Here are 10 examples of technologies behind which DARPA was the driving force. 

Of course, you should take some credit for these innovations -- after all, it's your taxpayer dollars at work. 

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