Let's Shake On It: Tech's Top 10 Dealmakers

By Ari Levy and Marcus Chan - 2014-02-12T02:39:08Z

Photograph by George Logan/Galley Stock

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Money to Spend

Some tech companies like to shop more than others. A lot more.

During the past three years, Google has been involved in more than 120 deals, which include acquisitions, investments and divestitures, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. By comparison, Google's archrival Apple has been involved in only a dozen deals during the same period. 

So which public tech companies are the most active dealmakers? And what do their transactions say about their strategy? Find out who made the top 10 list.

Note: Data include deals from February 11, 2011 to February 11, 2014. The total value of deals includes investment dollars from other companies. Not all deal prices or venture deals are disclosed.