The 10 Most Energy-Efficient U.S. States

By Amelia Hennighausen - 2013-11-07T19:23:45Z

Photograph by Ron Antonelli/Bloomberg

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The Forgotten ‘Fifth Fuel’

Access to energy in the U.S. -- and the effects of generating it -- are a national concern. Debates persist over the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly mix of nuclear energy, coal, gas and liquid hydrocarbons and renewable sources.

Too often left out of these discussions is the so-called fifth fuel: energy efficiency. States have driven benefits for consumers and the environment with policies that both reduce energy use and encourage economic growth. 

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) yesterday issued its annual scorecard for each state based on multiple factors, including reductions in greenhouse gas, energy codes for buildings and switching to cleaner fuels.

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