Top 10: Cheap CEOs With Hot Stocks

By Jordan Robertson - 2013-08-01T14:55:41Z

Photograph by Frank Bean

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CEO Compensation

There are the Compensation Kings, those CEOs with the biggest pay packages, which include stock options, equity stakes, salary and bonuses. But what about those chief executives who received little or no compensation and whose companies are performing well?

The Bloomberg Rankings team looked at nearly 900 companies with a market value of at least $1 billion and a stock price that has beaten the S&P 500's return of 20 percent this year as of July 26. Then the team identified the companies with the biggest stock gains and the smallest compensation packages for their CEOs last year.

Yes, we know that many of the bosses on this list are already rich -- some are billionaires. But so are the Compensation Kings.

What's intersting here is the message the CEOs on this ranking appear to be sending to investors -- that the success of their company (and a rising stock, which accounts for a lot of their wealth) is compensation enough. 

(An explanation of our methodology can be found on the last slide.)