Compensation Kings: Top 15 U.S. CEOs

By Jordan Robertson and Bloomberg Rankings - 2013-07-11T23:22:29Z

Photograph by John Fedele

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Packed Packages

Think you're under-compensated? You have no idea.

Bloomberg Rankings examined the compensation packages of more than 11,000 chief executives of U.S. public companies and came up with a list of the top 15. For CEOs, it's usually not the salary, but rather the stock options, bonuses and equity stakes they receive that matter more. 

On the "low" end of the rankings, one CEO's compensation was worth $40 million. On the high end, it was more than double that. And one executive even managed to make this list twice.

These compensation kings (there were no women on the list) may not pocket all of their cash. Most of the pay packages were loaded with restricted stock and options that vest over time. So the actual take-home amount may be far less or far more, depending on how the companies perform.

See who made the list.

(An explanation of our methodology can be found on the last slide.)