Leaked! Proceedings of the Flat Earth Society

By Tom Randall - 2013-07-03T17:12:34Z

Photograph by Franziska Kraufmann/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images

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Obama's Big Dig

President Barack Obama in June laid down the most sweeping climate-change agenda of a U.S. president. He also took a moment to poke fun at people who dispute man-made global warming. “We don’t have time for a meeting of the Flat Earth Society,” Obama said during a 6,000-word speech.  

To be fair, meetings of the Flat Earth Society don’t take much time. For example, a recent study of studies found that 97 percent of scientific papers that take a stand on climate change support the evidence that warming caused by human activities is real. At the Flat Earth Society, they call it a conspiracy and move on. Enough said. 

Click ahead to view items from the Flat Earth 2013 agenda, areas where public opinion and behavior pay little deference to the findings of pesky evidence-based science. 

Note: this slideshow has no intentional relationship to organizations of real humans that may refer to themselves as the Flat Earth Society.

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