The World's Top 20 Green Banks in 2012

By Eric Roston - 2013-04-03T12:49:10Z

Photograph by Mark Redondo/Bloomberg

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2012 Green Banks Ranking

Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria
Bilbao, Spain
2012 Rank: 20
2011 Rank: 17

Rank for Clean-Energy Investments: 22
Rank for Reducing Environmental Impact: 23
Market Cap: $51.9 billion

The Bloomberg Markets third annual ranking of the world's greenest banks evaluates the efforts of financial institutions to invest in clean energy and reduce their own waste and carbon footprints. 

Green-banking performance in 2012 was influenced in part by expiring U.S. wind-energy tax credits and cuts in European investment. External investments accounted for 70 percent of the scores, while internal sustainability efforts accounted for 30 percent. Market caps are as of Feb. 25.   

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