What Bain Owns

By Jason Kelly and Lauren Vicary - 2012-08-31T03:15:34Z

Photograph by Todd Heisler/The New York Times/Redux

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Romney's Bain Reign

In Tampa this week, much was made of Mitt Romney's business experience as the founder and former CEO of Bain Capital: He has made it a centerpiece of his case to voters. President Obama's campaign has used the same experience to portray Romney as a corporate raider who left job losses and bankruptcies in his wake.

This election has pulled the private equity business out of the shadows and into the public consciousness. The impact of the $65 billion private equity firm -- in whose funds Romney remains an investor -- is felt far and wide.

A walk around the Tampa area -- and even just around the convention center neighborhood -- shows that Bain was hardly hiding. The companies it currently controls or has owned were right under our noses all along.