David Brock to Kevin McCarthy: Drop Out of Speaker Race and 'Shame on You'

The Clinton ally seizes on the Republican's gaffe.

Not one to let an opportunity to score some points on Hillary Clinton's behalf go to waste, David Brock on Wednesday called on House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy to end his bid for speaker of the House and shutter the chamber's Select Committee on Benghazi.

“It’s clear now from every available fact that Hillary Clinton is innocent of any wrongdoing, yet you have tried to smear a lifelong public servant with lies and innuendo for nothing more than partisan gain. Shame on you sir,” wrote Brock, the founder of pro-Clinton groups including Correct the Record and Media Matters, in a letter to the California Republican sent Wednesday evening. “For the good of the country and credibility of the House of Representatives shut down the Benghazi Committee and end your campaign for Speaker.”

Brock's letter comes on the heels of an complaint against McCarthy sent to the House Ethics Committee by another Brock group, the American Democracy Legal Fund, charging that the California Republican's Tuesday comments on the political fallout from the Benghazi committee demonstrate a misuse of taxpayer funds worthy of further investigation. McCarthy's office said that his comments have been misinterpreted. “These inquiries have nothing to do with politics and everything to do with the consequences of what the former secretary has done and her confusing, conflicting and demonstrably false responses,” McCarthy spokesman Matt Sparks said.

“You displayed a level of candor not seen in many politicians,” Brock said in his letter. “However, by admitting—in fact sir by bragging—that the House Select Committee on Benghazi is little more than a partisan cudgel intended to damage Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, you have pulled back the curtain on your own party’s abuse of power and misuse of taxpayer funds to advance a nakedly political goal.”

In Brock's view, McCarthy's comments should lead to further repercussions.

“However, it’s abundantly clear that you intend to run your office like an annex of the Republican National Committee and that you are even willing to use public money to undertake political dirty work against your partisan opponents. Frankly, that is evidence enough that you are unfit to lead,” he said. “As such, you should withdraw from consideration as Speaker immediately and make way for someone whose sense of decency and national service isn’t completely overwhelmed by partisan ambition.”

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