Auto Industry

Honda Raises Retirement Age to 65

Honda employees will have to work longer as the company deals with Japan's aging population. It's lifting its retirement age to 65, but will add more child care allowances and let staff work from home wherever possible. Bloomberg's Craig Trudell reports on "First Up." (Source: Bloomberg)

Honda Lifts Retirement Age as Japan Inc. Copes With Aging

Honda Motor Co. plans to shake up job terms next fiscal year and lift its retirement age by five years to 65, making the carmaker one of Japan Inc.’s biggest companies to take action in coping with the nation’s aging demographics.

Lapo Elkann: We Are More Than 'Pimp My Ride'

Lapo Elkann, founder of Garage Italia Customs, talks about his new company that customizes cars. He speaks with Bloomberg's Francine Laqcqua on "The Pulse." (Source: Bloomberg)

Wall Street


As Climate Talks Start, a New Coal Curtain Is Dividing Europe

At the Bilina mine 50 miles north of Prague, excavators the size of 10-story buildings claw at the earth and scoop out 2,700 tons of brown coal a day to feed the smoke-belching power station on the horizon. After the Czech government relaxed environmental regulations this fall, they’ll be able to keep going for another 40 years.

Real Estate

Oil Drops

It's bad for the exporters, great news for you



In December, drilling contractor Ensign Energy Services Inc. told California regulators that it planned to dismiss as many as 700 workers.

Health Care

Express Scripts Covers $1 Alternative to $750 Pill Daraprim

The U.S.’s biggest manager of prescription drug benefits said it will cover a $1-a-capsule alternative to the anti-parasitic treatment Daraprim, which costs $750 a pill after Turing Pharmaceuticals AG raised the drug’s price from $13.50 this year.

Sumner Redstone Wins Hold on Mental Incapacity Lawsuit

Sumner Redstone can’t be questioned by lawyers for his ex-girlfriend before a judge has ruled on the media billionaire’s request to throw out her lawsuit alleging he isn’t mentally capable of making his own health-care decisions.