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Philippines Money Supply M3 YoY

As of 12:00 AM EDT 6/30/2014
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{PHMS Index}: Philippines Currency Outside Depository Corporations & Transferable Deposits (M1), or Narrow Money. Starting January 2005, the Depository Corporations Survey (DCS) replaces the Monetary Surveys basis for measuring domestic liquidity. It features an expanded list of surveyed institutions that includes the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), commercial banks, thrift banks, rural banks, non-stock savings and loan associations and non-banks with quasi-banking functions. The previously used Monetary Survey included only data from the BSP and the commercial banks in its survey. Data for the DCS only goes back to 12/31/2003 as provided by the central bank. From July 2013, PHMS3YOY reports pre-SRF figures, while PHMS3SRY reports SRF-based figures. For release dates after July 2013, please refer to {PHMS3SRY Index ECOC}. Philippines Broad Money Liabilities percentage change of the current month over the same month of the preceding year. * Note announcement: The April 2008 and May 2008 Analytical Accounts of the Depository Corporations Survey (AADCS) data (originally scheduled for release on 30 May 2008 and 7 July 2008, respectively) and Loans Outstanding data (originally scheduled for release on 16 June 2008 and 15 July 2008, respectively) will all be released on 31 July 2008. In addition, the revised March 2008 data for these indicators will also be released on 31 July 2008. The delay in the release of these data was due to the late submission of reports as banks shifted to Financial Reporting (FRP) package, a new system of monitoring bank performance.