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The U.S. Should Back New Elections in Honduras

Latin America needs to start its big election year on the right foot.
Not a good look for democracy.

Not a good look for democracy.

Photographer: Juan Carlos/Bloomberg via Getty Images

There is only one way out of Honduras's deepening political crisis, and that is a new presidential election. It's a solution the U.S., with its long history in Latin America, should help bring about -- although it would help if it had an ambassador there.

The certification this week of incumbent President Juan Orlando Hernandez’s contested victory in last month's election has brought Hondurans into the streets, continuing a wave of violent demonstrations that have claimed at least 24 lives. It comes after a deeply flawed ballot-counting process that included long delays, after which Hernandez's early deficit mysteriously disappeared. (The final tally put him ahead by about 1.5 percent.) The vote was denounced by numerous observers -- including the Organization of American States, which has called for new elections.