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A Unanimous Vote for Soft Power

Senators wisely put the kibosh on Trump's plans to cut overseas aid and downsize the State Department.
U.S. foreign policy needs both to win.

U.S. foreign policy needs both to win.

Photographer: Roberto Schmidt/AFP/Getty Images

In a sharp and welcome rebuke to President Donald Trump’s approach to foreign policy, a Senate committee voted last week in favor of more diplomacy. Support was unanimous.

The Senate Appropriations Committee approved $51.2 billion for the State Department, the U.S. Agency for International Development and other overseas assistance -- more than a third greater than the $37.6 billion the administration had requested. Not only was its proposal disturbingly incomplete, but it shortchanged humanitarian aid, economic development, multilateral organizations and cultural exchanges. It would have undercut U.S. leadership and left Americans more vulnerable to threats such as climate change, transnational crime and the spread of infectious diseases.