Bush: Rubio May Not Have Leadership Skills to Fix Things

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(Corrects headline and first quote.) Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush compares rival Marco Rubio to President Barack Obama, saying “it’s not known” when pressed on whether Rubio has leadership skills to “fix things.”

  • “I think I have the leadership skills to fix things, and that’s my strength,” Bush says on MSNBC. “That’s what I talk about. Marco was a member of the [Florida] House of Representatives when I was governor and he followed my lead and I’m proud of that”
  • “Barack Obama didn’t end up having” the leadership skills “and he won an election based on the belief that people had that he could and he didn’t even try”
  • On U.S. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s comments on Benghazi panel and Hillary Clinton, Bush says, “The Benghazi committee exists because there should be an analysis of what actually happened and what the response was and if there was a cover-up afterwards”
  • “This isn’t to try to damage Hillary Clinton. I don’t quite understand why he said that,” Bush says
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