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David Brock to Kevin McCarthy: Drop Out of Speaker Race and 'Shame on You'

The Clinton ally seizes on the Republican's gaffe.

Not one to let an opportunity to score some points on Hillary Clinton's behalf go to waste, David Brock on Wednesday called on House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy to end his bid for speaker of the House and shutter the chamber's Select Committee on Benghazi.

“It’s clear now from every available fact that Hillary Clinton is innocent of any wrongdoing, yet you have tried to smear a lifelong public servant with lies and innuendo for nothing more than partisan gain. Shame on you sir,” wrote Brock, the founder of pro-Clinton groups including Correct the Record and Media Matters, in a letter to the California Republican sent Wednesday evening. “For the good of the country and credibility of the House of Representatives shut down the Benghazi Committee and end your campaign for Speaker.”