Northern Irish Police Say Bombs Thrown in Belfast Rioting

Police in Belfast were attacked with explosives and gasoline bombs as rioting continued for a fourth night over a decision to ban a Protestant parade from passing by a Catholic area of the city.

The bombs were thrown at police lines in the Newtownards Road area of east Belfast, a police spokesman said today in a recorded message. In north Belfast a “pipe-bomb-type device” was thrown at police. No injuries were reported.

The violence began on July 12, the climax of a Protestant celebration of a 17th-century victory over Catholics, when thousands of parades marking the victory take place across Northern Ireland. One such parade was banned from passing by the Catholic district of Ardoyne in north Belfast, and Protestants have been protesting at the decision since then.

In north Belfast two roads were closed because of crowds, police said. Last night, sporadic rioting occurred across Protestant areas of north Belfast.

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