Obama Says Immigration Ruling Shows Need for Action on Garland

Obama: Congress Prevents Fully Staffed Supreme Court

President Barack Obama blamed the refusal of Senate Republicans to advance his Supreme Court nominee for the deadlock on the court that left his immigration plan on hold for the remainder of his term.

The court’s 4-4 divide let stand an appeals court ruling that said Obama overstepped his authority when he acted to shield as many as 4 million unauthorized immigrants from deportation.

The decision in the case is “a very clear reminder of why it’s important for the Supreme Court to have a full bench,” Obama said Thursday at the White House. "This is part of the consequences of the Republican failure so far to give a fair hearing to Mr. Merrick Garland."

Garland was nominated by Obama to fill the high court seat left vacant by the death of Antonin Scalia. Republicans, who have the majority in the Senate, have refused to hold hearings on the nomination, arguing that the choice of a new justice should be left to the next president.

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