Clinton ‘Perfectly Willing’ to Debate Sanders in New York, Aide Says

The Democratic front-runner's press secretary, Brian Fallon, said the debate “could happen.”

Fallon: Clinton Is Willing to Debate Sanders in April

Responding to calls from rival Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton is “perfectly willing” to debate him in New York, her press secretary said on Tuesday.

On Bloomberg Television's With All Due Respect, Brian Fallon said the former New York senator was open to holding a debate before the April 19 primary somewhere in the Empire State.

“If they can find a mutually agreeable date in the next couple of weeks before New York, I think it could happen,” Fallon said. Asked by co-host Mark Halperin if there's a downside to debating in New York, Fallon responded: “I don't think so.”

On Sunday, Sanders urged Clinton to debate him in the state she once represented and he once lived, saying it could take place in “New York City, upstate, wherever.”

Fallon also left the door open to a debate in Pennsylvania, which votes on April 26, “where the Sanders campaign will also need to do well if they're going to seriously vie for the nomination.”

Co-host John Heilemann suggested the Manhattan set of With All Due Respect as a good site for a New York debate.

“You need to figure it out with Jeff Weaver, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Charlie Baker,” Fallon said, referring to Sanders’ campaign manager, the Democratic National Committee chair, and the Clinton campaign’s chief operating officer.

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