Trump’s Worldview Links U.S. Might With Economic Bargaining: NYT

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Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump tells newspaper in interview he might stop buying oil from Saudi Arabia unless it committed group troops to combat Islamic State or reimbursed U.S. for its efforts (

  • Trump says he’d be open to allowing Japan, S. Korea to build their own nuclear arsenals; would withdraw U.S. troops in those nations if they didn’t contribute to cost of keeping soliders there
  • “We defend everybody,” Trump is quoted as telling the paper. “When in doubt, come to the United States. We’ll defend you. In some cases free of charge.”
  • Called NATO “unfair” economically to U.S., open to different organization focused on counterterrorism
  • Says he’d use trade in some instances as bargaining chip
  • Says he’s not an isolationist, “but I am America First”
  • NYT said when asked about briefings he receives, books he’s read on foreign policy, Trump replied that newspapers were his main source of information, “including yours”
  • NYT says it talked to him by phone for 100 minutes over the course of two conversations Friday

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