After months of campaigning on behalf of her husband, Kelley Paul singled out Senator Ted Cruz for playing a “two-faced” game on the trail.

“In many cases he's appropriated a lot of Rand's positions and then wants to sort of have it both ways,” Paul said in an interview with Bloomberg's With All Due Respect.

"When Rand was an outspoken critic against the NSA and bulk collection of data and privacy," Paul said, "Cruz was right in there saying, 'Yes, I'm for that,' and now he's sort of parroting the other side, 'Oh, well, I'm actually—I voted for it because it's actually going to allow us to collect more records and become more invasive,' so he's talking a little bit out of both sides."

The two senators have traded barbs in the past. On the debate stage, they fought over foreign policy and Cruz's vote to reauthorize the PATRIOT Act. Off stage, Paul has continued to charge Cruz with flip-flopping on issues and trying to "have it both ways."

Until 2013, Kelley Paul worked for Strategy Group for Media, a Republican political consulting firm where Cruz was a client.

When asked what a Kelley Paul attack ad against Cruz would end with, she answered: "Two-faced."

She also hit former President Bill Clinton for his intimate relationship with his former 22-year-old intern, Monica Lewinsky.

"In corporate America, you'd be fired for it and it always bothered me that the Democrat party who loves Bill Clinton wanted to brush it under the rug," she said, adding that Clinton's role as an advocate and spokesperson for his wife's campaign made him "fair game" and that she is prepared to take hits of her own. 

"It may not be fair, I think we all know that's the way it is in politics now," she said. 

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