Seven Amazing Ice Cream Sandwiches to Eat Right Now

If you’ve ever unwrapped a giant vanilla from Good Humor, you're familiar with the basic joys of the ice cream sandwich: a sweet bar of ice cream packed for your convenience between soft, yielding wafers. New York’s parlors have taken the classic form to new heights, using compelling ice cream flavors and replacing the wafers with fresh cake doughnuts, warm waffles, and buttery, layered pastries. Here are seven masterpieces you should really get to know. Photographs by Corey Olsen/Bloomberg Business

Mongolia Changes Law to Target Investment: Saikhanbileg

Mongolian Prime Minister Chimed Saikhanbileg came to London with a message for investors that his country is "back in business." He spoke with Bloomberg Television's Nejra Cehic in an interview during his visit. (Source: Bloomberg)