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People Are Blaming Everything on Brexit

Because, of course.

#BlameBrexit is becoming the new #ThanksObama.

People are blaming life's little disappointments and misfortunes on Brexit, in a few moments of levity sprinkled among news of market tumult and political upheaval.

Rich Shannon @Riicchh
Just dropped my toast on the floorTHIS NEVER HAPPENED WHEN WE WERE IN THE EU#BlameBrexit
Twitter: Rich Shannon on Twitter

The weather was quickly pinned on the vote.

Tanya Weaver @tanya_weaver
Bloody weather. I was planning on opening the hives and seeing the bees this afternoon. Can I blame Brexit for the lack of sunshine too?
Twitter: Tanya Weaver on Twitter

Even peculiar British weather.

Signs @DomSigns
Only in England can it be raining in our backyard and not our front#thanksbrexit
Twitter: Signs on Twitter

Injuries were blamed on the referendum. Both actual...

heather peacock @heatherpea
Fell off my bike. I #blamebrexit
Twitter: heather peacock on Twitter

...and not life-threatening.

cornelius cauldpeper @VanimalChannel
@iMoe1212 bro I got a paper cut today I swear all these brexit fools are to blame
Twitter: cornelius cauldpeper on Twitter

Brexit was surely behind people being updated to the new Instagram feed, organized by an algorithm, against their will.

caitliwinx @caitliwinks
Ugh I think the Instagram algorithm thing kicked in now. #thanksbrexit
Twitter: caitliwinx on Twitter

Then there's the horror of finding out that recorded episodes of beloved British soap opera "Coronation Street" aren't showing up. Clearly Brexit's fault.

Eimear Langan @TheLANGANATOR
Who deleted all the coronation street off my tv ???? #BlameBrexit
Twitter: Eimear Langan on Twitter

And when a bunch of things go wrong at once, the cascade of calamities is definitely the referendum's fault.

Paula Cogan @inkypaula
Just been to the dentist, got a ladder in my tights and I'm stuck on a hot bus in a traffic jam in need of a wee. #BlameBrexit
Twitter: Paula Cogan on Twitter


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