This Fish-Slicing Robot Fillets by Algorithm

If Tony Stark wanted to make fish sticks, this would be his machine.

Your Fish Sticks May Have Been Sliced by This Algorithm

Here is a truth: Icelanders can fish.

For decades, Iceland has depended on its commercial fishing industry to drive the country’s economy. Massive boats capable of coursing through icy waters go out every day and come back full of cod, redfish, and other scaly things.

If you’re dealing with this much fish, you have to process it efficiently. So, Hello Worlds Ashlee Vance heads to the fishing village of Grindavík on the southwest coast of Iceland to see the latest and greatest in Icelandic fish-slicing gear. He comes face to face with the Flexicut, a machine built by the meat processer Marel that uses X-rays, water jets, and software to cut fish quickly and precisely.

Marel, which sells about $1 billion of meat-slicing gear a year, has just started rolling out the Flexicut to fish factories. Come watch as algorithms get down and dirty and deliver cod to your plate.

— With assistance by Ashlee Vance

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