Iraq's Abadi Says Islamic State Used Gas in Attack Near Kirkuk

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said Islamic State militants used gas in an attack on the northern town of Taza and requested help from international experts to investigate.

“The random gas attack against the town of Taza is a big crime and the response will be tough,” Abadi said in a statement posted on his website on Friday. He said he sent a team of medics to Taza, south of Kirkuk.

Rudaw news agency reported that mustard gas was used in the assault, which took place on Wednesday and killed a 3-year-old girl, citing local health department official Burhan Abdullah. Dozens of people were wounded and some are in a serious condition, Rudaw said.

State Department spokesman Mark Toner said in February the U.S. believes Islamic State militants were responsible for sulfur mustard gas attacks in Syria and Iraq last year. First used during World War I, the chemical agent causes blisters and temporarily blinds its victims. Internal and external hemorrhaging can destroy the lungs.

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