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The Law Schools That Offer the Biggest Tuition Discounts

One way to attract students is to throw money at them.

Law schools have become unpopular with Americans, who now seek a law degree in smaller numbers than at any point in the last three decades. To stake claim to a dwindling pool of applicants, schools have begun to offer heaps of cash in the form of grants. This means that, despite rising tuition, many students will pay far less than advertised to get a J.D. 

PreLaw magazine took a look at American Bar Association data on the number and size of scholarships at law schools and estimated which private institutions are covering the largest share of tuition. The table below shows the schools that offered the most money to first-year students in the 2013-14 year, as well as the share of students that got grants. 


At Liberty University School of Law, an evangelical Christian program, students got an average of about 57 percent of tuition discounted. This meant that they paid $18,238 for the first year of school. The average yearly tuition at private law schools is about $42,000. 

Brooklyn Law School, which the magazine says spends the most money per enrolled student, announced in April that in addition to generous grants, it would shave 15 percent off the top of the tuition ticker price. Tuition at all private law schools has increased by more than 60 percent over the last decade. 

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