Over 1 Million Japan Pension Records Leaked in Cyber-Attack

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About 1.25 million personal records have been leaked after a cyber-attack on the management system for Japan’s pension service.

The number of cases may increase, Japan Pension Service President Toichiro Mizushima said at a press conference Monday carried by national broadcaster NHK. The records include people’s names, pension numbers, addresses and birth dates.

The leak was discovered May 28 after a virus attached to e-mails was opened on employees’ computers, he said.

The attack raises concerns about Japan’s ability to protect personal data, and risks hurting Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Public anger over the loss of 50 million pension records due to mismanagement during his first spell as premier in 2007 contributed to his ouster.

Japan and the U.S. vowed Sunday to work closely together against cyber threats, the allies said in a joint statement. They said that cyber-attackers are increasingly willing to demonstrate their intent and ability to harm information systems and infrastructure.

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