12-Hour Storm Floods Car Lot, Damages $17 Million Worth of Audis

A rare 12-hour storm that assailed China’s northeastern city of Changchun flooded a parking lot and damaged 283 brand-new Audis awaiting delivery.

The Audi A6L sedans, a special stretched model favored by bureaucrats and businessmen in China, were waterlogged from the storm, which started in the afternoon of May 17 and lasted until dawn, according to a statement on the website of the automaker’s Chinese joint venture.

With a starting price for the cars of 383,000 yuan ($62,000), the storm may have cost at least $17 million in lost sales, according to pricing data from Autohome. The Audis have been classified as damaged and won’t be sold, the company said in the statement.

Audi’s Chinese joint venture is based in Changchun, the biggest city in Jilin province, which borders North Korea.

— With assistance by Kongho Chua

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