Your Future Office Space Might Commute to You

Design consultancy IDEO imagines a world where autonomous vehicles change the way we work

Your Future Office Space Might Be on Wheels

Self-driving cars will certainly change our habits on the road. But truly autonomous vehicles will also affect how we work, says Tim Brown, chief executive officer and president of design consultancy IDEO.

Brown and his team take a design-based approach to helping companies and organizations innovate, by finding interesting intersections between human needs and the possibilities of technology. Every now and then, IDEO designers take the opportunity to muse on an intriguing concept without a paying client. Such was the case with the driverless car.

Without having to navigate city streets, people will be more productive during their commute. IDEO also envisions self-driving trucks—which the designers have dubbed “mules”—delivering everything from new jeans to grilled cheese.

Most radical of all: Your workplace could be set on wheels to travel to you, rather than you to it.  

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