Time Capsules and Heading Off Scandal

Here are your morning reads.

My Tuesday morning train reads:

  • Warren Buffett’s 3 Most Profitable Pieces of Advice (Forbes); see also Investors missed the most important lesson in Warren Buffett’s annual letter (MarketWatch)
  • How Do Pundits Never Get It Wrong? Call a 40% Chance (Wall Street Journal)
  • Craftsmanship in Smart Beta (Research Affiliates); see also Six Magic-Potion Funds From Vanguard (Forbes)
  • Why Your Pharmacist Can’t Tell You That $20 Prescription Could Cost Only $8 (New York Times)
  • Warren Buffett’s Health-Care Goals Are Easier Set Than Met (Bloomberg Gadfly); see also In just two hours, Amazon erased $30 billion in market value for health care’s biggest companies (Quartz)
  • The Hidden Tax on Private Equity Investors (Institutional Investor)
  • The NRA Lobbyist Behind Florida’s Pro-Gun Policies (New Yorker); see also Mobilization, Not Donations, Is the True Source of the NRA’s Clout (New York Times)
  • My original iPod is a time capsule from 2002 (the Verge)
  • Collusion or not, Russia probe is worst political scandal in decades (NBC News); see also Sweden is taking on Russian meddling ahead of fall elections. The White House might take note. (Washington Post)
  • Behold the Most Prestigious Prize in Hollywood: The John C. Reilly Award (FiveThirtyEight)

What are you reading? 

Netflix spends more on content than anyone else on the internet

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