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Hedge Funds, Network Effects, Fake News

Some post-special-election reads.

My Roll Tide morning train reads:

• What Hedge Funds Will Do After the Hedge Fund Model Dies (Bloomberg)

• Ignore Volatility; Focus on Ambiguity (Moneybeat)

• Unfettered building, scant oversight add to cost of hurricanes in U.S. (Reuters)

• Can China Contain Bitcoin? (MIT Technology Review)

• Conventional wisdom on Japan is wrong (Financial Times)

• We’re All Behavioral Economists Now (Behavioral Scientist)

• 70% of Value in Tech is Driven by Network Effects (Medium)

• He Got Rich by Sparking the Fake News Boom. Then Facebook Broke His Business (Bloomberg)

• 2017 Lie of the Year: Russian election action is a hoax (Politifactsee also The Republican Party’s reality problem — and ours (Vox)

• Diving into Jupiter’s Great Red Spot (Syfy Wire)

What are you reading?

Most Valuable Companies of All Time

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