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Purges, Protests and the Paradise Papers

Here are your morning reads.

It's Election Day! I recall something interesting happened last year, surprising most people. Lament or celebrate with our morning train reads:

  • A Bull Market Should Make Investors Happy. This One Isn’t. (New York Timesbut see The Most Hated Rally in Wall Street History (The Big Picture)
  • Jeremy Grantham Predicted Two Previous Bubbles. And Now? (Wall Street Journal)
  • ETF Heyday Is No Bonanza for Wall Street (Wall Street Journal) but see ETFs Are the New Bond Kings (Bloomberg Markets)
  • If you think Panama is bad, wait until you hear about Delaware (Quartz)
  • Does China’s new policy regime threaten the global upswing? (Financial Times); see also Saudi Arabia’s government purge — and how Washington corruption enabled it (Intercept)
  • Finding Art: James Gubb’s stock price protest poetry breaks boundaries. JSE disagrees. (Daily Maverick)
  • Apple’s Secret Offshore Island Hop Revealed By Paradise Papers Leak (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists); see also Apple’s secret tax bolthole revealed (BBC)
  • Being Trump’s mouthpiece is risky for Fox News — and democracy (NBC News)
  • Earth-sized alien worlds are out there. Now, astronomers are figuring out how to detect life on them (Sciencebut see The first evidence of planets around another star was found in … 1917? (Syfy Wire)
  • The government wants to stop supporting your farmers market (Quartz)

What are you reading? 

Poll: President Is Losing Support in ‘Trump Counties’

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