Masters in Business

Human Behavior and Startups

Matt Wallaert sees a key role for psychology in the workplace.

Matt Wallaert is on a mission to turn what he calls the "chief behavioral officer" into a standard position in the executive suites of corporate America. The goal, he said on this week's Masters in Business podcast, is to get companies thinking about the role psychology plays in their business.

Wallaert is himself a behavioral psychologist and entrepreneur who began his tech career building the finance startup Thrive (it was eventually purchased by the fintech company LendingTree).

He said he believes in “designing for behavior change” for tech startups. Many of his ventures help tech employees deal with their employment circumstances: Salary or Equity is a comparison engine that lets people compare different compensation plans based on the balance of salary versus shares. Get Raised uses Bureau of Labor Statistics and other public data to help people figure out what their market value is; the service has helped women gain more than $2 billion in raises since it was started. Churnless is one of Wallaert's more recent ventures, developing products that “help people lead better lives by serving their authentic needs.”

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