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Countertrends, Curses and Controversies

Here are your morning reads.

My morning train reads:

  • Corporate America Is Having Its Best Earnings Season in 13 Years (Bloomberg)
  • The Incredible Shrinking Sears (New York Times)
  • Curse of 2017: Since 1887, in years ending in 7, the market has swooned. Is history repeating? (Barron’s)
  • Banking’s Lost Decade (Bloomberg Gadfly)
  • Countertrend (the Reformed Broker)
  • The Greatest Mystery Finally Solved: Who Makes Trader Joe’s Snacks? (Eater)
  • Back to the land: how sanctions transformed Russian farming (Financial Times)
  • Sebastian Gorka, the West Wing’s Phony Foreign-Policy Guru (Rolling Stone)
  • How to Make Your House a Smart Home (New York Times)
  • What the Google Controversy Misses: The Business Case for Diversity (Wall Street Journal)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview with Matt Wallaert, a behavioral scientist and former director at Microsoft Ventures who works at the intersection of technology and human behavior.

The global economy will be $16 trillion bigger by 2030 thanks to AI

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