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How to Invest for a Nuclear War

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My that-was-another-heckuva-week summer Friday morning train reads:

  • 在庫バブル: Stock Bubble (Irrelevant Investor)
  • Millennials are driving a $9 trillion change in investing (Business Insider); see also New Research: Things Millennials Are Killing, According to Twitter (Brand Watch)
  • Investing Short-Term When Stocks Are High? Imagine a Painful Drop (New York Times)
  • Who Is Winning With the Fiduciary Rule? Wall Street (Wall Street Journal)
  • Indiana Highway Gives "Black Eye" to Private Investment in Infrastructure (Wall Street Journal)
  • What to do with stocks if the U.S. and North Korea go to war (MarketWatch); see also The World Is Ending? Invest as If It Won’t (the Big Picture)
  • We let the 2007 financial crisis go to waste (the Guardian)
  • Trump is wasting his congressional majority — like Jimmy Carter did (Vox)
  • A perfectly-timed photo of the space station and the moon puts human achievements in perspective (Quartz)
  • How to throw the ultimate wine-and-cheese party using the miracle of data (Wonkblog); see also Rosé Is Seeing Explosive Growth as Its Summer Rival, Beer, Goes Flat (Bloomberg)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Matt Wallaert, a behavioral scientist and former director of Microsoft Ventures who works at the intersection of technology and human behavior.

Executives are more worried about Amazon than President Trump

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