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The Unraveling of Julian Assange

When WikiLeaks was created more than 10 years ago, its mission to expose illegal behavior in governments and corporations around the world was a credible one. Now, its founder, Julian Assange, pushes a pro-Russia agenda based on delusions and paranoia -- and he's bringing America's president-elect along for the ride. "Sad!" laments Eli Lake.

Obama's Jobs Legacy, in One Chart

Whether he likes it or not, Donald Trump is being handed an economy far sunnier than the one his predecessor inherited. Americans are better off now than they otherwise might have been, Mark Whitehouse says, thanks to one of Barack Obama's key policies.

To Deal With Putin, First Know His Goals

Western leaders have struggled to handle Vladimir Putin's continued acts of aggression. To better assess what the Russian leader is really up to, says Leonid Bershidsky, they should be trying to figure out his strategic objectives first.

Low-Paying Jobs Boom in the Slaughterhouse

Manufacturing jobs have, of course, been in decline for decades. There is one sector that is seeing growth: animal slaughtering and meat processing. Justin Fox doesn't have a reason, but he does know that it's an industry with low pay ... and a lot of chickens.

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