If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Rich?

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Being Brilliant Has Its Limits

It turns out that IQ has less to do with prosperity — or life satisfaction, or good health — than many people think. So what is the secret to success? Faye Flam says it may be a matter of personality.

India and China Can’t Be Smug About Trump

Mihir Sharma urges the press and policy-makers in Asia’s largest economies to stop poking fun at the next U.S. president — not out of respect, but out of recognition that the same forces that propelled him to victory will likely gain steam in their own countries.

The Case for Protecting Infant Industries

As economists rethink the virtues of free trade, Noah Smith has a heterodox idea: Shielding young companies helped the U.S. economy flourish once, and it wouldn’t hurt to try again.

The Hidden Meaning of Dow 20000

The Dow’s year-end rally shows markets approve of Donald Trump’s plans to slash taxes (and regulations), but Paula Dwyer warns that what’s good for corporate profits will have the opposite effect on the rest of the U.S. economy.

Hallmark Christmases Don’t Happen in the Suburbs

Holiday-themed movies are escapist fluff, offering a vision of life as we wish we could live it. So what do Americans want? Analyzing dozens of made-for-TV confections, Justin Fox finds they long to escape the strip malls for a country cottage (or San Francisco).

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